World IBD Day 2020: there is always a way to get trough … together!

On World IBD Day – May 19th – I’d like to give a very personal and hopeful shout out to the whole IBD community this year – people all over the world – who face the physical and emotional consequences of an invisible illness on a daily basis; facing the disappointment of a flare-up  or celebrating a moment of remission, settling hope for new treatments or hoping for a cure in the future.

There is always a way to get through … together!

Schermafdruk 2019-10-19 17.59.17

One month ago, the road to this mountaintop seemed endless long and heavy.

Just before our holiday trip, I decided to try and get my life finally back on track. After 20 years of coping with ulcerative colitis, the word “ileostomy” was spoken out.

Weak and exhausted.

Anxious and insecure.

Those were the feelings on this endless steep road in the sun.

Coping on a daily basis with invisible suffering to safe my loved ones, and somehow myself too, from the physical and mental pain spinning around in circles in my body and mind.

The ones who love me stayed by my side on this mountain trip last month, to support and encourage me. The ones who love me stayed by my side the weeks afterwards, patiently waiting for surgery, to help me through the thoughts going on in my mind. The ones who love me being there last week when I woke up without colon, to show me their support and to make me feel loved, scars included.

You just made me feel stronger and helped me through the process of recovery! I still can’t believe I got home again after 5 days in hospital. I still can’t believe this was all worth it. We’re not there yet, but we’re on the road… and we’re definitely stronger together.

The small victories in life? Those little steps fast forward into the future of the unknown and insecure? We ourselves – step by step – facing the mountains in front of us. And now I know there’s one thing for sure: the road towards the greatest views is so much easier when shared.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am, to have such a good company on my road, ileostomy – ups AND downs – included!

(Extrait from my diary – August 26th 2019)

Inge – 19/05/20

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