Love rules… anyhow, anyway, anytime. #stomaversarythoughts

Most of the time
I love your company
but then
all of a sudden
things go wrong
and you
remind me
of this
devastating disease
I carried with me
for 20 years.

In those moments
I hate you
in ways
I never hated
myself, my body
and my illness

after 20 years
of fighting
ulcerative colitis
was making me
so weak
I even didn’t have
the power left
to live my life and
to be there
for the ones
I love the most.

These are the times
I have to remind myself
over and over again
why I decided
to spent the rest
of my life
in your company.

Making the best
out of the worst
isn’t easy
all of the time
though I’ve come
to realize
that the love
for my stoma
will always be bigger
than my grief, my hate
and my fears.

Love rules,

09/08/20 – Inge

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