Don’t be too hard on yourself…

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, the perfectly imperfect you, strength and vulnerability united in these gentle eyes and shy smile of you!” Someone sent me this message yesterday, after I shared this picture. People often tell me I changed since I chose health over illness by deciding total proctocolectomy with ileostomy after 20 years of suffering from IBD. I can hardly believe I really did change in so many little things but maybe there is truth in what that friend shared: strength and vulnerability united. More than ever. Most of the time I feel strong, I really do. Though there are still moments when I feel vulnerable and weak too. Sometimes even afraid of how things will work out in the future. And that’s okay. Being gentle with yourself every day is hard work with ups and downs. That’s why I love the comment. It’s not all black or white but something in between. Thank you so much for seeing the real me, maybe strong but also hesitating because I feel vulnerable too.

#dontbetoohardonyourself #behindoursmile #livelaughlove #selfacceptance #selflove #selfcare #stepbystep #change #upsanddowns #vulnerability  #chronicillnessawareness #IBD #ileostomy

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