Love rules… anyhow, anyway, anytime. #stomaversarythoughts

Making the best out of the worst isn't easy all of the time though I've come to realize that the love for my stoma will always be bigger than my grief, my hate and my fears.


World IBD Day 2020: there is always a way to get trough … together!

Facing the disappointment of a flare-up, or celebrating a moment of remission. Settling hope for new treatments and whishing for a cure in the future. There is always a way to get through … together! #WorldIBDDay2020


Facing the enemy

By far, one of the heaviest experiences we lived together, was accepting the #intheirshoes challenge last year. We spent two days together on an emotional rollercoaster of facing and embracing the consequences of living with IBD. Today, on #worldIBDday, we look back to this experience with mixed feelings ... and with gratitude for the connection, the understanding and our unique friendship.


What’s up mom

During the past year I learned that you are not your disease. Above all, you’re a human being, a mother/father, a husband/wife, a friend, … and sometimes a patient too. That’s not something you should be ashamed of. It’s a part of who you are, a part that you better try to embrace. In the end, we’re all people among each other with a name, personality and a story and a past, present and future.


Mixed feelings

Is it selfish to suppress the “possible” consequences for your children and to give preference to your strong desire to have a child? I’d better not think too much about it …